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Rolling River Spirits

1215 SE 8th Ave., Suite H, 236-3912,

A distillery tasting room can often feel like the perfume counter at a department store, with a paid shill regurgitating advertising copy while mixing in enough improvised banter to make it seem like a genuine human interaction. At Rolling River, the experience is more like entering a stranger’s living room and having them show off photos of their grandkids. A true mom-and-pop enterprise—or, rather, mom-pop-and-son—head distiller Tim Rickard graduated from homebrewing in 2011 and established Rolling River with his father, Rick, and mother, Joan. Even after moving up to Distillery Row this year, the company remains all in the family, and devoid of pretension: Pouring samples from behind the handsome curved wood bar in their small, open warehouse space, Joan talks up the liquors as if she’s in her kitchen auditioning them for the neighbors. It’s a charmingly homespun operation, but the products are elegant and sophisticated. There are only two being bottled at the moment—an impeccably smooth vodka, made in a still Tim Rickard hand-built himself, and a deliciously flowery gin. But whiskey, flavored rum and an aquavit are in the works. MATTHEW SINGER.


Tastings & Tours: 4:30-7 pm Friday, noon-5 pm Saturday-Sunday, weekdays by appointment. $5 for samples of the vodka and gin, plus a mini-cocktail and complimentary shot glass. A tour isn’t necessary; you can view practically the whole operation from the tasting room.


Drink this: The remarkably sippable gin ($26.50), accented by hints of star anise and juniper.



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100% Grain Vodka 80 Proof Portland, OR, USA

When I received this bottle of Rolling River Vodka, I had a few expectations. I have a loose (okay, very loose) network of folks who clue me in on what’s happenin’ in far-flung places that I don’t have time (or sometimes interest) to see for myself. Portland isn’t all that far away and I get down there fairly often but I hadn’t been to RR to taste. I sure heard about it, though. Brewers and winemakers and bloggers and readers had all told me, “You GOTTA go to Rolling River…dude.” So – ignoring the “dude” thing – I had made an actual paper note that says, “Visit Rolling River Spirits“, which sits in my sad, busted-ass, old canvas wallet right now. Little did I suspect that Rolling River would wind up coming to me.   Continue reading

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Let’s talk about vodka shall we?

Why not? Kids are back in school and folks are already talking about cooler weather and heartier food… in other words, the F word — fall! This whole fall business makes me uneasy since I’m a little obsessed with summer and don’t want to see it go (ever!). Vodka cocktails, like the one below, are a way to make it feel like summer year-round. And because we’re talking about vodka today I wanted to introduce you to a new vodka producer on the block.

Founded in 2011 Rolling River Spirits is a small family-owned and operated craft distillery located here in Portland, Oregon. Run by the Rickard family (Tim, Rick, and Joan), the company focuses on artisan spirits using fresh organic ingredients.

I had the opportunity to meet the family earlier this summer and check out their newly opened tasting room located in Portland’s Distillery Row to see what they have going on.

The small facility is home to hand-built stills, production equipment, and a quaint tasting room where you can enjoy their current offering.

At the time of my visit they were only making Vodka, with plans to soon release a Gin and Whiskey.

The Vodka ($25), made from wheat in a small reflux column still, is smooth with a spice kick that hits you at the end. A nice vodka to use in your favorite vodka based cocktails. Continue reading

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Rolling River Spirits Vodka

by Brett Konen

Portland’s Rolling River Spirits hones in on one thing: distillation as a pure art form. Founded in 2011, Rolling River (part of the Rose City’s spirit-saturated Distillery Row) is owned and operated by the Rickard family, each member an artisan in his or her own right and all with “a keen interest in craft and dimensional arts.” The core team members—Tim (whose art has been commissioned and showcased in galleries up and down the coast), Joan (in her free time an avid quilter and gardener) and Rick (fascinated by the intersection of art and spirits)—are on the first bottling of their first vodka recipe, which provides a concrete example of that focus on artistic purity.

Crystal-clear in color, distilled from pure and organic grains with pure Portland water direct from Portland’s iconic and tallest neighboring peak (Mount Hood), the vodka is designed to showcase grain character rather than slink guiltily away from it. Warm with the smoothness of wheat and the subtle spice element imparted by rye, the spirit will play well with other mixers but should also be sampled straight at least once to appreciate the artistry behind it.

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Rolling River Spirits |1215 SE 8th Ave, Suite H |

A family owned and operated distillery, Rolling River Spirits encapsulates dreams and hard work coming to fruition. Their vodka, made from winter wheat, is proof of their earned success. The name, Rolling River is inspired by the majestic rivers in the area and underscores the importance of pure water in their distillation process. The end result is a vodka so smooth that you’ll have to reorganize your top shelf and make room. With so much passion behind their craft, I can not wait to return when they release their gin and whiskey.


Spirited Libations: Portland’s Distillery Row read article here or below.


By Carrie Uffindell

For the first time since prohibition, independent micro-distilleries are creating high-quality artisan spirits in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Dubbed Distillery Row, these six distilleries and their tasting rooms offer more than 20 handcrafted libations. Contrary to the name, these distilleries are not in a row, but are sprinkled across several blocks.


Eastside Distilling

Inspired by the rums he encountered in the Caribbean, owner Lenny Gotter founded Eastside Distilling (formerly Deco) in 2009. Five years later, Eastside now produces four rums (including a smooth coffee rum), two bourbons, two fruit whiskeys and a potato-based vodka. “We want to appeal to many different palates,” says master distiller Mel Heim.


Vinn Distillery

Owned and operated by the Ly family, Vinn crafts rice-based spirits using legacy recipes that have been handed down through their family for at least seven generations. Their spirits include Baijiu, a traditional Chinese beverage, two styles of Chinese rice wine, and a creamy sipping vodka. New summer libations are a barrel-aged whiskey, blackberry liqueur and a lemoncello.


Rolling River Spirits

Owners Rick, Joan, and Tim Rickard opened Rolling River’s doors to the public in May. Current spirits available are a gin and a vodka made with organic grains. In the works are a scotch-inspired whiskey and a coffee-infused vodka. Check out the tasting room’s unique wooden bar, fashioned from reclaimed mahogany by master distiller Tim.


House Spirits Distillery

Inspired by pre-prohibition spirits and cocktails, House Spirit’s most innovative libation is an American-style gin. “American gins helped invent the cocktail,” says Christian Krogstad, one of the distillery’s three owners. “But most were destroyed during prohibition.” Other flavorful creations include a malt whiskey and two Scandinavian-inspired aquavits.


Stone Barn Brandyworks

Founded by owners Erika and Sebastian Degens, Stone Barn Brandyworks produces a variety of regionally sourced fruit brandies, including a dry pear and a Northwest cherry, as well as brandy-based fruit liqueurs, rye- and oat-based whiskeys and a grappa. “We started with a love of fruit and different liqueurs inspired by season,” says Sebastian.


New Deal Distillery

The oldest distillery on the Row, New Deal has been producing high-quality spirits since 2004 by owner and master distiller Tom Berkleaux. His libations include a clean sipping vodka, a dry juniper-forward gin, a chocolate-infused vodka, a ginger liqueur and a variety of small-batch limited releases. Enjoy samples while admiring the building’s exposed wooden beams and gleaming copper stills.


For more information on tasting room locations, hours and special events—and to purchase a Distillery Row Passport, entitling you to a complimentary flight at all six distilleries—visit A carefree way to visit the Row without driving is via PDX Pedicab; they offer a special Distillery Row Tour Package at