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Rolling River Spirits Vodka

by Brett Konen

Portland’s Rolling River Spirits hones in on one thing: distillation as a pure art form. Founded in 2011, Rolling River (part of the Rose City’s spirit-saturated Distillery Row) is owned and operated by the Rickard family, each member an artisan in his or her own right and all with “a keen interest in craft and dimensional arts.” The core team members—Tim (whose art has been commissioned and showcased in galleries up and down the coast), Joan (in her free time an avid quilter and gardener) and Rick (fascinated by the intersection of art and spirits)—are on the first bottling of their first vodka recipe, which provides a concrete example of that focus on artistic purity.

Crystal-clear in color, distilled from pure and organic grains with pure Portland water direct from Portland’s iconic and tallest neighboring peak (Mount Hood), the vodka is designed to showcase grain character rather than slink guiltily away from it. Warm with the smoothness of wheat and the subtle spice element imparted by rye, the spirit will play well with other mixers but should also be sampled straight at least once to appreciate the artistry behind it.

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Rolling River Spirits |1215 SE 8th Ave, Suite H |

A family owned and operated distillery, Rolling River Spirits encapsulates dreams and hard work coming to fruition. Their vodka, made from winter wheat, is proof of their earned success. The name, Rolling River is inspired by the majestic rivers in the area and underscores the importance of pure water in their distillation process. The end result is a vodka so smooth that you’ll have to reorganize your top shelf and make room. With so much passion behind their craft, I can not wait to return when they release their gin and whiskey.


farmers market by Philip Pittsenbarger
farmers market by Philip Pittsenbarger

Our August featured artist is Philip Pittsenbarger. This series of paintings is based on scenes in and around Portland. Philip’s paintings are not intended to be photographic representations of a particular building or street scene but rather strive to capture the character and emotion of a given place much like a fleeting memory or dream. He likes to convey a strong sense of light, shadow and movement to bring the scene to life. The spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor make it the perfect medium for achieving these qualities. Philip believes that every good painting should tell a story and not just be a pretty picture.