This series asks us to question what happens when we let our dreams inhabit bodies in our waking worlds. The paintings work to tell a story without beginning, without necessary end. These are stories wherein the viewer holds each answer in their exploration of color and image as the paintings open themselves, each a small gift, a secret private and beautiful. When we let ourselves ride in that shadow-space between wakefulness and dream, images are alive in a swirl of calm and readiness. Whatever we carry from our pasts and into our present is allowed room within these paintings. Where the crow crowns herself queen and the wings of creatures are more than we imagined, these images give us an opportunity to see past ourselves and into what we wish.

Thus far, Daydream is a 27-piece series in which acrylic paint is applied to stretched canvas. The abstract background in each piece consists of a variety of textures, stamping, and a blend of bold, earthy tones achieved through use of a variety of carved vegetables. The images are inherently organic and speak to a collective creative consciousness, both through the execution from mind-to-canvas, and through their interpretation from canvas-to-mind.


Shanna Trumbly was born into a family of highly creative individuals who always encouraged her passion for art. Three generations of Oregonian creativity produced a child determined to offer her unique vision of both the natural and imagined world.

At nineteen, Shanna graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle where she studied graphic design, anatomy, illustration, and life drawing. After graduation, she moved to Portland, Oregon and became a member of the Portland Saturday Market. Shanna’s art has been birthed through many different mediums such as clay sculpture, glass torch work, mosaics, leather sculpture, and, recently, a clothing line.
While Shanna began giving life to her illustrations using colored pencil, she realized upon completion of her first painting, “The Unforgettable Kiss” her true love was the fluidity and challenge of acrylic paint on canvas.
Her remarkable series “Daydream” explores the playfulness of wakeful dreaming and how the search for meaning in our lightly conscious world can reveal a new and vivid Self. She incorporates myth, the liquidity of the unconscious mind, and a profound and whimsical respect for the inhabitants of the natural world within each gorgeously wrought image.

Her works can be found online, at a variety of shows on the west coast, a number of galleries and boutiques, and at the Eugene Saturday Market.