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Rolling River Spirits |1215 SE 8th Ave, Suite H |

A family owned and operated distillery, Rolling River Spirits encapsulates dreams and hard work coming to fruition. Their vodka, made from winter wheat, is proof of their earned success. The name, Rolling River is inspired by the majestic rivers in the area and underscores the importance of pure water in their distillation process. The end result is a vodka so smooth that you’ll have to reorganize your top shelf and make room. With so much passion behind their craft, I can not wait to return when they release their gin and whiskey.


farmers market by Philip Pittsenbarger
farmers market by Philip Pittsenbarger

Our August featured artist is Philip Pittsenbarger. This series of paintings is based on scenes in and around Portland. Philip’s paintings are not intended to be photographic representations of a particular building or street scene but rather strive to capture the character and emotion of a given place much like a fleeting memory or dream. He likes to convey a strong sense of light, shadow and movement to bring the scene to life. The spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor make it the perfect medium for achieving these qualities. Philip believes that every good painting should tell a story and not just be a pretty picture.

Visit us in the tasting room to view the work of this great local artist!

According to Greg, “I like to take real images and condense them into altered realities. With collage it is possible to play with (observed) gravity and even time.  They are stories in one frame. And turn up the volume. I like collage because each piece of the whole holds an image on it, that then is juxtaposed into a more complex and rich meaning, thus giving the viewer more to chew on and ponder.”

Spirited Libations: Portland’s Distillery Row read article here or below.


By Carrie Uffindell

For the first time since prohibition, independent micro-distilleries are creating high-quality artisan spirits in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Dubbed Distillery Row, these six distilleries and their tasting rooms offer more than 20 handcrafted libations. Contrary to the name, these distilleries are not in a row, but are sprinkled across several blocks.


Eastside Distilling

Inspired by the rums he encountered in the Caribbean, owner Lenny Gotter founded Eastside Distilling (formerly Deco) in 2009. Five years later, Eastside now produces four rums (including a smooth coffee rum), two bourbons, two fruit whiskeys and a potato-based vodka. “We want to appeal to many different palates,” says master distiller Mel Heim.


Vinn Distillery

Owned and operated by the Ly family, Vinn crafts rice-based spirits using legacy recipes that have been handed down through their family for at least seven generations. Their spirits include Baijiu, a traditional Chinese beverage, two styles of Chinese rice wine, and a creamy sipping vodka. New summer libations are a barrel-aged whiskey, blackberry liqueur and a lemoncello.


Rolling River Spirits

Owners Rick, Joan, and Tim Rickard opened Rolling River’s doors to the public in May. Current spirits available are a gin and a vodka made with organic grains. In the works are a scotch-inspired whiskey and a coffee-infused vodka. Check out the tasting room’s unique wooden bar, fashioned from reclaimed mahogany by master distiller Tim.


House Spirits Distillery

Inspired by pre-prohibition spirits and cocktails, House Spirit’s most innovative libation is an American-style gin. “American gins helped invent the cocktail,” says Christian Krogstad, one of the distillery’s three owners. “But most were destroyed during prohibition.” Other flavorful creations include a malt whiskey and two Scandinavian-inspired aquavits.


Stone Barn Brandyworks

Founded by owners Erika and Sebastian Degens, Stone Barn Brandyworks produces a variety of regionally sourced fruit brandies, including a dry pear and a Northwest cherry, as well as brandy-based fruit liqueurs, rye- and oat-based whiskeys and a grappa. “We started with a love of fruit and different liqueurs inspired by season,” says Sebastian.


New Deal Distillery

The oldest distillery on the Row, New Deal has been producing high-quality spirits since 2004 by owner and master distiller Tom Berkleaux. His libations include a clean sipping vodka, a dry juniper-forward gin, a chocolate-infused vodka, a ginger liqueur and a variety of small-batch limited releases. Enjoy samples while admiring the building’s exposed wooden beams and gleaming copper stills.


For more information on tasting room locations, hours and special events—and to purchase a Distillery Row Passport, entitling you to a complimentary flight at all six distilleries—visit A carefree way to visit the Row without driving is via PDX Pedicab; they offer a special Distillery Row Tour Package at

Tatyana Ostapenko is a Soviet Union (now independent Ukraine) born visual artist living and working in Portland, OR.  Her expressive paintings explore the unsung mundanity and the overlooked details of everyday life.  Lived experience and intimate knowledge is vitally important to her process of image creating in which she employs the infinitely expressive medium to explore the gray scale of the everyday.  Tatyana’s work has been exhibited at Mark Wooley Gallery, Newspace Center for Photography, Chehalem Cultural Center, Cascade Gallery and Nisus Gallery.

She is currently pursuing a BFA in Art Practice at Portland State University.

Her work can be seen at

The art of Donald Edward Brown will be shown in the Rolling River Spirits tasting room during the month of May. Brown is an award-winning painter who lives in Portland and focuses on portraiture. He works with ink, pencil, acrylic, and creates mixed media abstract works.

He will attend our grand opening on Friday, May 2, 5 pm – 9 pm, so stop by to meet the artist and try our first Vodka release. For more information on Donald, please visit his website.

Our tasting room is officially open!
Friday: 4:30 pm – 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm
Weekdays: By appointment

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Master Distiller, Tim Rickard, built Joan a micro-still to use for making experimental batches. See our Q&A with Tim on his hand-built stills.
What is unique about working with such a small still?
Because of its small size, each batch takes about 8 hours to run and usually yields about one cup of spirits.
What have you made so far?
So far, I have distilled a couple batches of vodka, but mostly I’ve been distilling gin. I’ve tried about 20 different variations of my gin recipe. One of the last runs was pretty close to the flavor I’m trying to achieve. I expect it will take at least another 20 to 50 runs before I’m happy with it.

Anything you would like to make in the future?

For now I want to perfect my gin recipe. Later, I would like to try some fruit brandy. It’s fun to try new and different flavor combinations.

We are thrilled to announce that our new website is now live! Here you will find information on our family history, distilling philosophy, tasting room and more.

After a visit to our distillery, opening this winter, you will notice that our handmade bar resemble’s a ship’s hull, the end curved like that of a boat’s. See our Facebook page for more distillery photos.

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